The School of Earth Sciences is dedicated for scientific education and research on geological sciences. It is supported by the“985”Platform for National Disciplines and the“211 Project”for key discipline construction initiated by the Ministry of Education. The school of Earth Sciences is ranked #1 by the Ministry of Education, whichincludes five state key sub-disciplines: Palaeontology and Stratigraphy, Mineralogy-Petrology-Economic Geology, Geochemistry, Structure Geology, and Quaternary Geology. Planetary Science and Geobiology are also recently launched in the School of Earth Sciences.

The school has a state-approved Post-doctorate program for geology. The leading scientists of the State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources and the State Key Laboratory of Biological Geology and Environmental Geology are mostly from the School of

The School of Earth Science has100full and associate professors which includes five members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, three full-time Yangzi River Professors, six distinguished young scholars recognized by the National Science Foundation of China.Earth Sciences.

The School of Earth Sciences is in charge of five Field Practice Stations, the Zhoukoudian Station in Beijing, the Beidaihe Station in Hebei Province, the Lushan Station in Jiangxi Province, the Huangshi Station in Anhui Province and the Zigui in Hubei Province. The Zhoukoudian and the Beidaihe Field Practice Stations have been recognized as the National Field Practice Stations for Geological Science. These stations provide excellent support for student training of geological sciences.

The School of Earth Sciences is committed for teaching excellence by winning four national teaching achievement awards and publishing over ten national-certified geological textbooks in recent years.